People's phones die and it sucks. I can't count how many times my phone has died while my friends and I were out and we were just stranded on the street. So, we created LyftGO which is a keychain that calls a Lyft car to your location with the click of a button.

The keychain will call a Lyft car to your location once you click on the pink mustache which will light up when the the ride is arriving. Keychains will be sent out to Lyft users and every keychain will be linked their account which is why the charges will just automatically be sent to the account.




Since it's so hard finding service at big events, Lyft will set up these kiosks at big events (ex. Coachella, Outside Lands, etc.) to help users call rides without using their phones. These stations will also double up as a charging station for people to use while they wait for their ride.